Saturday, July 19, 2008

Judge issued threat in court

A person threatened judge Bhola Nath Chaulagai not to issue an interim order on a murder case when hearing on the case was going on in the Baglung Court.Dhurb Pariyar of Narayansthan VDC threatened Chaulagai in the chamber, when the court was preparing to issue an interim order. "Pariyar threatened me, saying that the court detain the accused and not release him on bail," Chaulagai said.His threat violates the court's jurisdiction and endangeres judges' authority, Chaulagai said. Pariyar admitted that he threatened the judge. "I did so to pressure the court to probe the case in an impartial manner," he said. Relatives of Padam Bahadur Gautam, a murder suspect, also shouted slogans on the court premise, asking punishment for the guilty.Meanwhile, Baglung chapter of the Nepal Bar Association today condemned Chaulagai's act.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

CA court scraps case against Bhandari’s victory
The Constituent Assembly (CA) court Tuesday upheld the CA elections result of Mahottari district constituency-6.
The court verdict armoured the victory of Madhesi People’s Rights Forum (MPRF) candidate Sarad Singh Bhandari from the constituency.
The CA court scrapped the petition filed against Bhandari saying that the case should have been filed before the final election results.
Nepali Congress and CPN-Maoist, among other parties’ candidates, filed a joint petition claiming that there was vote rigging.
The CA court, prior to taking the decision, ordered the plaintiffs to furnish extra proofs.
Bhandari had won the election under first-past-the post system garnering 6862 votes, which was just 21 more than his nearest rival, NC candidate Sitaram Bhandari.
CIAA Indicts Three ex- Ministers
The Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority today recommended the government to recover millions of rupees that ex-ministers Kamal Thapa, Tanka Dhakal and Shrish SJB Rana had misused from the state treasury while suppressing the Jana Andolan II.The CIAA's recommendation comes after a study of the two-year-old Ramayajhi Commission report by the anti-graft body.The CIAA report, however, has kept mum on the involvement of chairman of the then cabinet former king Gyanendra and two vice-chairmen Dr Tulsi Giri and Kirtinidhi Bista in the misuse of state treasury.The CIAA said cabinet had decided on February 8, 2007, not to take any action against former king Gyanendra, Dr Giri and Bista.The CIAA also said the then government had formulated a policy and working regulation under Article 41 of the 1990 Constitution, which was beyond the jurisdication of the CIAA.The CIAA has told the Prime Minister's Office and Cabinet to recover Rs 9,718,020 from Kamal Thapa, Rs 708,500 from Tanka Dhakal and Rs 3,618,500 from Shrish SJB Rana."We found them guilty of misusing the state treasury," Lalit Bahadur Limbu, acting chief of CIAA told this daily. "The misuse was an instance of misconduct, and not corruption. We did not see any ground to prosecute them on corruption charges. We have recommended the government to recover the amount from them," Limbu added."They misused their authority by drawing and distributing the money in violation of the CIAA Act 1991," he added.

-Ananta Raj Luitel