Friday, July 29, 2005


Good bye CJ Sharma in political way

After the controversial in retirement date ,Chief Justice Hari Prasad Sharma's will retire on July 29 is today . In Nijamati Kitabkhana (Civil Personnel Records) data, he had to retired on July 19 , but he did not accept that .
Chief Justice (CJ) Hari Prasad Sharma
With Chief Justice (CJ) Hari Prasad Sharma retiring today, King Gyanendra has called on him to chair a meeting of the constitutional council Friday to make recommendations for the appointment of the new CJ.
According to state run Radio Nepal, it was stated in a notice issued by the Press Secretariat of His Majesty the King Friday.
Chief Justice Hari parsad Sharma became contovercial , addressing a conference of the justices of Asia and the Pacific region held on March 20-24 in Australia, had defended the February 1 royal move and disparaged the political parties. He had also urged the international community not to criticize the royal move and support Nepal. Chief Justice Hari Prasad Sharma in his address ,said His Majesty the King took the 1 February initiative to teach political parties a lesson.Chief Justice Sharma also told a programme His Majesty enforced direct rule because the rule of political parties went beyond the rule of law.
The chief justice found himself in hot water over those comments, as he was accused of making a “political speech,” something he as the chief justice should not have done. He was also accused of failing to preserve the independence of the judiciary and violating the code of conduct of judges.
"When CJ start to give speech as a political person then what will be the left" all critices . He forget The 19-point code of conduct of judges endorsed by the Supreme Court, the apex policy-making body of the judiciary, considers it unethical for justices to speak publicly on political issues said most lawyers .
Obviously when the Chief Justice of the apex court says something with a political connotation, it surely affects the very independence of the Judiciary.Chief Justice is the highly respected post and people regard the holder of that post no less than as the God. Court is the last resort for people if they couldn't get justice from executives and legislative. Judges give their finest verdicts, even in adverse situation, which sometime can be against powerful state.
After holding the top post of the judiciary for seven months, CJ Sharma is retiring from his post owing to age. The age limit for chief justices is 65.
Good bye CJ sharma in political way.

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