Friday, April 27, 2007

Dwarika's sues website for slander
Dwarika's, one of Asia's top hotels, is again embroiled in a dispute. This time, the dispute is about cyber crime, police said.
Even as a land ownership dispute continues between the hotel and Krishna Prasad Dhakal, a worker at a guest house in Thamel, Dwarika's on Thursday filed a police case against Dhakal and a website (www. run by his supporters, stating that the website is ruining the hotel's image internationally.
While the website has been advising tourists not to check into Dwarika's, the hotel faces a headache as there is no strong cyber law in the country.
After consulting legal advisors several times, the hotel filed an application against the website and Dhakal demanding that the website be stopped and compensation paid by it to the hotel for damage caused, according to Prachanda Shrestha of the hotel's legal department.
The operator of the website could be fined up to Rs 100,000 and jailed for up to five years if found in violation of the country's cyber law.
Dhakal and his supporters said they resorted to running the website to pressure the hotel management to comply with a Kathmandu District Court verdict of July 26, 2004. The court had asked Dwarika's to demolish the front part of the hotel built on land claimed by Dhakal.
Ambika Devi, owner of the hotel, later moved the Appellate Court against the District Court order. A decision from the Appellate Court is pending.
The website has warned tourists that Dhakal and his supporters could do anything at anytime to take back the property, and damage caused to tourists in such an eventuality would be nobody's responsibility.

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