Friday, September 14, 2007

CC officials in confusion over next meet

Officials at the Constitutional Council (CC) are in a confusion over what should be done with the divided report of the parliament on the nomination of Justice Kedar Prasad Giri as next Chief Justice.
The dilemma emerged as there is no Constitutional Council Act and working procedure of the CC, as to what should be done when parliamentary hearing committee remains divided on the nominee for Chief Justice, an official at the CC said.
The officials are debating over two options at present. The first being that the report of the parliamentary committee should be sent to the prime minister - head of the CC - for decision and there is no need to call another meeting of the CC. The second argument is that a fresh meeting of the CC should be called to discuss the report of the parliamentary committee and let the CC nominate a new justice from among those eligible.
The appointment of the chief justice is in limbo after the Parliamentary Special Hearing Committee failed to endorse the name of Giri unanimously.
In the meantime, a senior member of the CC suggested that the CC meeting should be held to discuss the report of the parliamentary committee.

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