Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cases filed at SC, NHRC during Dashain

A number of cases have been filed at the Supreme Court (SC) and the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) during the Dashain. Two habeas corpus writs were lodged at the Supreme Court during the Dashain holidays.
Even hearings were conducted on separate writs seeking release of Pradip Kumar Pakhrin and Pragyan Shumshere Rana.
Pakhrin has been released following an order issued by a single bench of justice Gauri Dhakal.
However, justice Dhakal has quashed the writ seeking release of Rana, who has been arrested on charge of fraud.
Similarly, three complaints were registered at the NHRC during the Dashain holidays. The complaints pertain to weaknesses of the police administration.
The NHRC has also monitored the situation of the inmates who are on a hunger strike at the Dillibazaar central jail.
The inmates are demanding general amnesty.
Both the SC and the NHRC remain open throughout the festival.

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