Monday, March 03, 2008

SC judges to watch movie on Charles Sobhraj
Two justices of the Supreme Court will watch a documentary film about the life of alleged international serial killer Charles Gurumukh Sobhraj and the alleged crimes he committed on March 16. The movie is produced by the International Police Organisation (Interpol).A division bench of Justices Min Bahadur Rayamajhi and Kalyan Shrestha is scheduled to watch the movie following a hearing conducted on sunday .
The judges decided to watch the latest documentary film in which Sobhraj’s interview has been recorded. He has reportedly confessed to committing various crimes in many countries in the interview.During today’s hearing, government attorney Brajesh Pyakurel sought the bench to consider Sobhraj’s interview while deciding the case.
According to former Inspector of Police Bishwo Lal Shrestha, who is assisting the prosecutors in the case, Sobhraj has confessed to his links with around 50 murders and using hundreds of others’ passports to travel to various countries in the interview.
The bench has reopened the fake passport case against Sobhraj, which was scrapped by the Kathmandu District Court and the Patan Appellate Court and Sobhraj’s appeal against convicting him on murder case by the lower courts. The government prosecutors have presented the movie “Interpol Investigates” and several investigative books written by various authors on Sobhraj and the crimes he allegedly committed in several countries.In the interview-based movie, how Sobhraj has been getting facilities and how he has been spending life in the central jail has been mentioned. “Sobhraj has confessed to having links with 50 murder cases and 100 passport forgery cases in the interview,” Bishwo Lal Shrestha added.
The lower courts have convicted Sobhraj of killing American national Connie Jo Bronzich and has been serving 20-year jail term.

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