Thursday, August 25, 2005

Building code comes into implementation

Kathmandu, Aug 25- Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has started implementing building code-2060 from August 21 for the construction of buildings within the city.Head of the Urban Development Department of the KMC, Devendra Dangol told that people who wish to construct buildings within the city now would have to fill the forms of both building bi-laws and building codes before they can get their building elevations endorsed,the Rising nepal reports.“The designer should be the guarantor that the codes have been strictly followed and should bear responsibility of unexpected damage to be caused by the earthquake,” he added.KMC is the second local body to implement the codes. Lalitpur Sub-Metropolitan City has already implemented it. The government had implemented the codes two years back in the construction of government buildings. KMC had focussed on the codes related to earthquake proof design of building, sanitary, electrical, fire safety, architectural and quality of concrete. “There are 17 codes but we are focussing on six important codes at the moment,” Dangol said.The major aspects to be monitored under the code include whether the building is earthquake proof, appropriate capacity of water tank, size of cable and pipe and how the pipe with cables has been set as per codes, according to the KMC.Dangol said that placing pipe inside the beam was unsafe but such practice was being carried out.The code has made setting up of lift an imperative provision for six or more storied buildings. “Both business or public buildings and residential buildings should abide by this rule.The codes for professionally engineered buildings that consist important business complexes, hospitals and government offices will have seismic design, fire safety measures, standard quality of concrete, architectural, electrical and sanitary, according to the KMC.The buildings that have 1000 square feet plint area, 4.4-meter structure span and above three storied fall under this category which are made with the use of professional people.The codes are highly technical matters and it cannot be implemented without the use of engineers.

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