Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Police raid manpower agency.

Kathmandu, Aug 24 - Police arrested three persons and confiscated 437 passports after raiding the office of Pashupati Manpower Agency in Chabahil, Tuesday.
The proprietor of the agency Dhurba Bahadur Dahal, Sher Bahadur Thapa and B.P. Poudyal were taken into custody from the office, police said.
Police claim that the manpower agency was involved in recruiting labourers in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Most of the passports recovered belonged to former and incumbent security personnel, police say.
The agency is reported to have collected Rs.300, 000 to Rs.500, 000 from each person aspiring to work in Dayen Corp in Iraq and in WSI, an American project, in Afghanistan.
The police raided the agency after receiving complaints against it.
Police also said that the manpower agency had already sent 335 workers in Iraq and Afghanistan and was in the process of sending 80 others.
Meanwhile, Lok Bahadur Dahal, manager of the agency, said that the passports seized by the police belonged to workers to be recruited in Dubai, and claimed that they were being framed.
Police handed over the arrested three to the Labour Department along with all the seized passports, Wednesday.

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