Friday, July 28, 2006

2 yrs jail for caste discrimination

With a view to eliminate all discriminatory provisions and discourage the widespread practice of untouchability, the government has proposed up to two years jail term and Rs 10,000 in fine for culprits.

Through amendment to Clause 10 of the Conversion Chapter in the Civil Code, the government has proposed the jail term and fine for those preventing so-called low caste people from going to public places and facilities (such as religious sites, water taps, wells etc).

The law, however, will not be application to such places lying within private property.

The bill has also proposed a new clause in the Code, making any allegations, expulsions, social boycotts and all sorts of harassment of witches a punishable crime. One year jail term and Rs 5,000 fine will be slapped against those committing such crimes.

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