Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Dr Giri’s must resign-NBA

Kathmandu june 14-Lawyers have demanded immediate resignation of the vice-chairman of Council of Ministers Dr Tulsi Giri, alleging him of being a willful defaulter of a bank loan.
According to the NBA, all 80 of its branches denounced Monday the ‘unconstitutional’ government and the ‘blacklisted’ vice-chairman of the Council of Ministers Dr Tulsi Giri and ‘unjust’ restrictions on mass meetings and rallies in certain areas of the capital.
Nepal Bank Limited has blacklisted Dr Giri for not paying back the Rs 17.4 million loan. he had taken some 20 years ago.

Lawyers take to streets
Kathmandu, June 14 - Lawyers on Monday staged protests across the country to denounce the authorities asking for a written clarification from Nepal Bar Association (NBA) President Shambhu Thapa over the June-4 peace rally of lawyers in the capital.
According to NBA General Secretary Madhav Banskota, all 80 NBA branches organized protest meetings.
The protests were staged as the Kathmandu District Administration Office had asked Thapa for clarification over the peace rally in a prohibited area on June 4 when some 1,000 men in black coats marched through downtown Kathmandu, defying government prohibition and demanding peace and supremacy of the constitution.
Police were present outside NBA premises in the capital when lawyers denounced the "unconstitutional" government, especially the "blacklisted" vice-chairman of the council of ministers Dr Tulsi Giri, and the "unjust" restriction on mass meetings and rallying in certain areas of the capital. Human rights activists and journalists participated in the protests.
"We will not obey the unjust law imposed by a blacklisted person [Vice Chairman Giri]. We will keep on defying such bans and laws," Yogendra Bahadur Adhikari, Kathmandu District Court Bar president said.
Advocate Hari Har Dahal dismissed the accusation against lawyers that they were acting as per the wishes of political parties. "We are not being guided by political parties, rather, political parties are following our footsteps," he said.
Former NBA Secretary Subash Nemwang termed the act of the authorities as a cowardly attempt of "the autocracy" to attack lawyers. "He [Dr Giri] is accusing us of looking at the government with jaundiced eyes; in fact, he himself is suffering from black fever and has been blacklisted for not paying back a bank loan," he said.

Govt are not cooperating SC
Kathmandu, June 13 -The Supreme Court (SC) is launching its anti-backlog drive from May 22.Government agencies are not cooperating SC to deliver justice to the people.
About 1,838 writ petitions filed before April 2004 have remained unheard in the court as different ministries, organizations and offices have not responded to the apex court orders issued in the preliminary hearing of the petitions. Altogether, 2,768 writ petitions are pending at the SC. The SC has set a one-year period for the settlement of all such petitions. However, at least six of the pending writ petitions are 10 years old.
The SC administration is seriously monitoring the long-pending petitions and writing to concerned government ministries and offices for cooperation, 10 to 15 letters are being sent daily. But still government agencies not responding to repeated requests by the court for the required documents include the Secretariat of Cabinet and Council of Ministers ("the most uncooperative of the lot"), Ministry of Land Reform and Management, Ministry of Finance, Home Ministry, Police Headquarters, tax collection offices, Guthi Sansthan, municipal offices and district administration offices.
SC can slap a paltry fine of Rs 50 each time the concerned offices fail to respond to each letter asking for the necessary documents. Similarly, existing laws authorizes the apex court to ask for clarification for "non-cooperation".

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