Wednesday, June 29, 2005


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Kathmandu june29- After the power grab by the king in Nepal , Nepal Bar association is the first independent professional organization ,who was against the royal movement . Nepal bar association also lunch attack to chief justice Hari prasad sharma to his speech supporting king movement.
First time after the royal movement Gorkhapatra online published one news about NBA should not play into foreign hands: Lawyers-By Prakriti Adhikari. . here is the news, that is published in gorkhapatra online .
Many lawyers blamed that Gorkhapatra online have never wrote even single word about lawyers protest for king movement. So they are surprise about this news .Why national online is playing game in this matter is unknown .and give thanks to gorkhapatra online for publishing such news.
NBA should not play into foreign hands: Lawyers-By Prakriti Adhikari
Kathmandu , June 28: Independent lawyers have stressed that Nepal Bar Association (NBA), an organisation of all the legal professionals from across the country, should not become a ploy of political parties and foreign forces.“The legal profession is very important from the standpoint of the nation and nationality. It is a matter of shame when lawyers forget their duties towards the nation and follow the corrupt politicians and serve as the stooges of foreigners,” they said. In their comments given to Gorkhapatra, sister publication of this daily, they also expressed the concern over the recent activities of office bearers of working committee of NBA saying that they had tarnished the prestige of legal profession.Those who are not satisfied with the government can raise their issue in the court, they said. Some lawyers have been demonstrating double standard; on the one hand they were enjoying monetary benefit from the government as legal advisors while on the other hand, they were protesting against the government in the streets.“The lawyers belong to the nation, not to any sister organisation of a political party,” said Chandra Kafle, member of central executive council of NBA.Advocate Kafle said that the activities of some lawyers had invited fraction within the NBA impeding it from achieving its set goals.“Those who have duty to work in delivering justice to the victims should not act under the instruction of others.”Regarding the Royal move, he said that His Majesty the King took the step in the capacity of the custodian of the state to bail the nation out of crisis. “It was a natural move anticipated by the people and the nation as well. So we all need to support the Royal initiative that reflects nationalism and vision to build the nation.”Member of Supreme Court Bar Association Juktijung Lamichhane said that with the infiltration of foreign elements into the NBA, its members were active to pull down the constitutional system. “Such activities are always discredited by the international community.” To go beyond the professional boundary is to make an attempt to create anarchy, said Lamichhane. He said that it was unfortunate that those who were demanding the rule of law and democracy, and exercising on these values had gone against these principles. He also lambasted the political parties for protesting the elections. “As election is the basic tent of democracy, no one should be surprised over the announcement of polls. Those who failed to take part in the elections were punished by the people and history as well.”Another member of Supreme Court Bar Ganesh Bahadur Dhungana said it was against the norm of bar to join hands with political parties on the streets.Krishna Bahadur Thapa, a member of Appellate Court Bar Association of Patan, said that bar association was an independent and autonomous body. “Thus, the activities being carried out under the inspiration of the political forces will ultimately undermine the fundamental principles of rule of law.”Thapa argued that as per the Legal Profession Code of Conduct—2053, the government should not hesitate to annul the license of advocates who violate the professional ethics.In a similar vein, Puskar Gajurel and Charendra Kumar KC, both the members at Supreme Court bar maintained that some lawyers had gone out of track and were doing politics under the guise of legal professionals.It is up to the people, not the lawyers to support or protest the political moves, they said.KC said that the nation had been reeling under crisis after crisis as the political leaders lacked positive thinking and vision. “We can achieve the development goals through consensus and alliance.”

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