Saturday, June 25, 2005


‘Home Ministry lied’-SC
Kathmandu, June 25 - Supreme Court Friday said the Home Ministry lied to it regarding Subedi's detention Ordering authorities to release the General Secretary of People's Front Nepal, Nawaraj Subedi. he was released in the presence of the court Registrar Dr Ram Krishna Timalsena. The court found Subedi's detention unlawful.
"The Home Ministry itself concealed the information [of Subedi's arrest] as the ministry, which receives copies of such arrests from its subordinate offices, did not mention Subedi 's arrest in its reply to the court," said Justices Anupraj Sharma and Rajendra Kumar Bhandari while passing the written order.
the Ministry had maintained that Subedi's arrest was not in its knowledge. But the National Human Rights Commission found him in Lalitpur Police Office on Thursday. Subedi was re-arrested on June 15, hours after he was released through a Supreme Court order. He was first arrested on May 14.
The justices said they would speak more about the "ill-intention" of the authorities regarding the deception involved in relation to court orders, or making court orders ineffective, while preparing the full text of the judgment later .

Bista files case against Drishti

Kathmandu, June 24: Vice chairman of the Council of Ministers Kirtinidhi Bista has filed a case of defamation against the Drishti Media Publication Pvt. Ltd. for publishing unfounded and baseless news relating to him in the latest issue of the Drishti weekly.Vice Chairman Bista has stated that the publication of misleading and untrue news was an attack on the clean image, social dignity and selfless political life that he had earned in his long political career.Urging the respected court to seriously consider the fact that a baseless news published in the name of journalism could jeopardise the pride and honesty gained by an individual in his/her entire life, Vice Chairman Bista has also demanded for compensation in view of the damage that the news has inflicted upon his social pride and honour.

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