Thursday, October 27, 2005

Another re-arrest
Pokhara, Oct 27 -Violating Appellate court order, plainclothes security personnel, on Wednesday, re-arrested Shughare Nepali , who was released from detention at the Court premises.
Lawyers and human rights defenders, who had gone there to receive Shughare Nepali to take safe place by moterbike, was stopped by police and took Shughare Nepali by taxi .Lawyers and human rights defenders were physically assaulted by the security men.
In the incident,some lawyers and human rights defender are injured
Responding to a habeas corpus writ petition filed , the Appellate court pokhara , justice Mohan parsad gimira and Hari parasd gimire had ruled that Shughare Nepali was detained "illegally" and that he be immediately released in the presence of the District Judge.

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