Monday, October 24, 2005

CIAA hints at filing case on Sunkoshi bridge work delay

Kathmandu, Oct. 24- Sources at the Commission for Investigation of the Abuse of Authority (CIAA) said that it would file case against those involved in Sunkoshi bridge construction project to link Katari of Udayapur to the district headquarters of Okhaldhunga district for delay in the construction work.The construction of the 204-metre-long bridge was carried out by the government as per its policy to link the every district headquarters with transport network. The construction of the Rs. 146-million project should have begun in 2059 BS but it could not start for 40 months.The contract of the project was awarded to a joint consortium of Waiba Construction, Bhairav JB Designers, Nepicon and Associate Designer and East Consult Pvt. Ltd. The mobilisation cost of Rs. 21 million has already been issued, the source said.The bridge was to be completed by the end of the current fiscal year 2062/63 BS, but only seven per cent of the work has been completed by now despite the government allotting enough budget and completing the contract procedures. Eighty per cent of the work should have been completed by now.The commission will investigate into the project about the cause behind the laxity in the construction work.A discussion was held amongst officials of the projects and the CIAA at the office of the commission on Sunday, the source said. The commission has initiated interrogation of the concerned officials, including director general, of the Road Division regarding the project after the director general furnished inappropriate answers to the CIAA.The concerned Ministry also has not taken any initiative on the three-year-long delay of the project, the source at the CIAA said.

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