Thursday, October 27, 2005

Govt to make IDs mandatory for crossing open border

Kathmandu, Oct 26 - The Nepal government is going to enforce ‘special identity cards’ for citizens of Nepal and India for crossing the some borders areas - from November 1st- as part of maintaining tight vigil along the open borders.

This was stated in a Home Ministry notice published in the government mouthpiece Gorakhapatra daily on Tuesday.

According to the notice, the new system is being applied to ensure systematic transportation from Jamunah-Rupedia checkpoint in Nepalgunj and Rupedia checkpoint of India, the notice said.

Gopendra Pandey, spokesperson of the Home Ministry, told that the new provisions are being brought into effect following the decision a meeting of the senior officials of the concerned authorities of Nepal and India nepalnews reports..

“The main objective of this system is to monitor the activities around the borders,” he said.

After the implementation of this system, citizens of both the countries will be required to obtain identity cards from the Department of Immigration to cross the borders. According to reports, an estimated 10,000 people travel through Nepalgunj checkpoint, mid-western Nepal, to India everyday.

The move comes amidst growing concerns about the movement of Maoist rebels in the bordering areas.

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