Wednesday, July 18, 2007

NBA panel gives CJ clean chit
Concluding that the 'Tulasa scandal' is the handiwork of criminals out to defame the judiciary, the Supreme Court Bar Association has suggested that the government form a high-level commission to investigate the affair that has dogged Chief Justice Dilip Kumar Paudel.
"As the facts will not come out without a probe, there is need for an investigation [into the scandal]," a report prepared by the Supreme Court Bar Association stated.
The SC Bar Association had formed a committee headed by advocate Prakash Osti to investigate allegations of sexual abuse by the Chief Justice reported by Jana Astha Weekly on the basis of an official document. The document was sent by one Tulasa from the central jail in the form of a habeas corpus petition to the Supreme Court.
The committee has also concluded that the affair might be orchestrated by criminals with the intention of defaming the judiciary and its head.
In the meantime, the SC Bar Association on Monday held a discussion on various issues relating to the judiciary.
The discussions focused on the judicial administration, legal failings, case management, the judicial council, the activities of the Judicial Service Commission, the media and the judiciary, etc..
Bar association President Prakash Raut said the recommendations thrown up by the discussion would be incorporated into a report that another committee is preparing to enhance public faith in the judiciary.

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