Saturday, July 14, 2007

SC staff demand clarification from CJ
Supreme Court employees have demanded that Chief Justice Dilip Kumar Paudel dissolve the committee formed to probe the CD scandal.
The scandal is about a recorded conversation between a court official and a court client bargaining for bribe.
Besides, in a memorandum submitted to the Chief Justice, they have urged him to make public the facts relating to recent controversies surrounding his name, reported by media in recent days.
According to recent media reports, the Chief Justice has been facing charges of breach of code of conduct, and involvement in sexual abuse.
"Our conclusion is that
the CD Probe Committee headed by Justice Tap Bahadur Magar cannot probe the scandal independently," reads the memorandum to the Chief Justice by Nepal Civil Employees' Organization, Supreme Court Branch.
Besides, the apex court employees have demanded that either the Judicial Council or the parliament form an all-powerful commission to investigate the CD scandal.
In the memorandum, the court employees have sought arrangement of judicial allowance and a separate law to govern court staff from the court administration.

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