Monday, February 27, 2006

Civil severnet will benifit amending Regulations

Kathmandu Feb 27-Seven months after the controversial amendment of the Civil Servants Act, 1992, the government is mulling over seventh amendment of the Civil Service Regulations, 1993, which proposes extra facilities to the civil servants.The government, for the first time, proposed to award dearness allowance equivalent to annual inflation to all civil servants ekantipur reports.
Over 86,000 civil servants and their families will benefit from the plan.

Besides, the government has also proposed "children care allowances" to women civil servants for three years, increase in paid maternity leave, and paid post-natal care leave for male civil servants. The civil servants for the first time will have a treatment fund and see their transfer being made more systematically.

According to the draft of the amendment, the proposed dearness allowance will be reviewed before the end of April every year as per the recommendation of a salary-allowance review committee.

The committee will recommend the allowance on the basis of the consumer price index published by Nepal Rastra Bank.

The salary, however, will be reviewed before the end of April every three years.

Once the amendment comes into force, women civil servants will get 100 days maternity leave instead of the existing 60 days. Male civil servants will also get 15-day post-natal care leave to look after their wives.

However as per the new rule, civil servants aspiring to pursue their studies on their own initiative will have to obtain prior permission from authorized officials.

The amendment also plans changes in the transfer process of the civil servants. As per the amendment, Ministry of General Administration will transfer civil servants only between July 16 and August 16 every year. Ministry level transfers will be done from August 1 to September 1 while transfers by government departments would be done during September 1 and October 1, the paper adds.

The new proposal will allow civil servants to open accounts in foreign banks even if they do not work or study abroad, but they are required to get approval from designated authorities.

As per the new provision, only one professional organization will be permitted in one service. Such an organization is required to be registered at District Administration Office.

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