Monday, February 27, 2006

Over 100 orders of CIAA remain unimplemented

Kathmandu feb 27- The Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) has said that the concerned government authorities have not responded to over 100 orders given by the CIAA.

The Annapurna Post daily quoted spokesperson of the CIAA Ratna Kaji Bajracharya as saying that over 100 orders for departmental actions and recovery of the losses incurred by the state from offenders has not been implemented.

Most of unimplemented cases are related to recovery of property from the offenders. He said that most cases were related to with the ministry of land reform and management.

According to the 13th report of the CIAA released recently, 13 orders for departmental action and recovery of losses sent to the ministry of land reform and management have not been implemented.

The ministry of finance has nine such cases, ministry of industry, commerce and supplies eight, ministry of agriculture and cooperative and ministry of culture, tourism and civil aviation six cases each, ministry of education and sports eight cases, ministry of local administration seven cases and the ministry of physical planning and works has five cases waiting for implementation, the paper adds.

The record states that over 150 government employee names have been forwarded to be taken action against by the CIAA, but not implemented. Similarly, more than Rs 10 million has to be recovered from cases of financial irregularities pointed out by the commission.

Bajracharya said the concerned authorities have not informed the CIAA about the reason behind the delay in implementation of the orders.

Bajracharya said that the commission has been investigating the implementation of its orders, requesting the concerned departments to send details of the action at the earliest.

He said the government has rather been awarding the guilty employees than taking action against them. The commission, according to him, has already ordered the government not to award such employees.

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