Monday, February 20, 2006

King has disrespect of the apex court : former justice

Kathmandu, February 19: Former Justice of the Supreme Court, Laxman Prasad Aryal, speaking at a programme on consequences created by the verdict organised by the Everest Press Club Nepal on sunday said that the monarch’s takeover was unconstitutional.

One of the drafters of the 1990 Constitution, accused the King and his government of disrespecting the February 13 verdict of the apex court disbanding the RCCC by not responding to it.

“This is a disrespect of the apex court,” Aryal said. “This is a question of morality since the SC scrapped the RCCC formed by the monarch,” he added. “I thought the King would respond in his message to the nation on the occasion of the Democracy Day , but he did not do anything to respect the apex court verdict and to correct his mistakes,” he added. According to him, the King should have dissolved the government immediately after the verdict was issued and initiated a fresh start in national politics.

“Though there would not be a contempt of court case against the monarch, the King and the government should respond morally,” Aryal added. “The King should be ready to quit from the post of the chairman of the Council of Ministers as the SC has said

“He has to take responsibility to correct his mistakes, as his move on February 1 last year automatically became meaningless following the verdict,” he added.

Aryal said the King has missed a great chance to correct his mistake and go to the people by immediately responding to the verdict. “Diehard supporters of the King should seriously consider stopping their provocation of the monarch,” he added.

“This verdict has proved that the 1990 Constitution is still alive and that people are the real sovereign power in the country,” he added.

Former Law Minister and advocate , Subhas Nembang, said the King and the government have been disrespecting the SC verdict against the wish of the people, political parties and the international community. “This has proved that there is no way except to fight against the autocratic move of the King,” he added.

“The King has been emphasising the supremacy of the autocracy; hence a decisive movement against autocracy is needed,” Nembang added. Advocate Santosh Kumar Mahato, who had filed the public interest litigation challenging the RCCC, said since the RCCC has been disbanded, the King and the government should respect the people’s power. “On the basis of this verdict, some of us (lawyers) have been discussing ways to challenge the appointment of the vice-chairmen in the Council of Ministers and the formation of the government at the SC,” he said.

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Anonymous said...

Former Justice of the Supreme Court, Laxman Prasad Aryal, was a Nepali congress party member and Bishwanth the former Chief jusitce made hin the SC justice. He was such a spoon of Bishwanath that he recomended his son to be apointed the high court. This guy is a realy spoon of koirala. No Nepali trust him. He was one of the major bribe taker of his time as a judge