Sunday, August 20, 2006

House approves Military Bill

The House of Representatives at its meeting unanimously approved the Military Bill-2006 and the Bill on Procedures for the Certification of Some Public Documents- 2006.Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Narendra Bikram Nemwang had tabled the Bills in the House of Representatives on behalf the Prime Minister and the Minister for Defence seeking its approval.
Taking part in the discussions on the Military Bill, MPs expressed their belief that the proposed Act would help in the democratisation of the Nepal Army and it would give an identity of the national army to the Nepali Army which had hitherto remained as a personal army and raise high the dignity of the armed forces of Nepal.
The MPs suggested that provisions be made in the Constitution permitting to file cases in the civilian courts on the crimes committed by the Army and incorporating topics related to national security in the Constitution.
They also demanded that the transaction of the Army Welfare Fund be made transparent.
Responding to queries from the MPs, Minister Nemwang said that the Government was positive with regard to the reform measures suggested by them.

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