Wednesday, August 23, 2006

SC issued a short-term stay order

The Supreme Court issued a short-term stay order in favour of the then chief secretary of the cabinet led by the King, Lokman Singh Karki, directing the government not to implement the decision to transfer him to the National Planning Commission (NPC).

Following a hearing, a single bench of Justice Balram KC issued the order to the Prime Minister’s Office and Cabinet, newly appointed Chief Secretary Bhoj Raj Ghimire, Ministry of General Administration, Ministry of Finance and NPC not to implement the cabinet decision passed on August 7 to transfer Karki to NPC. The bench also directed the government to attend before the SC on August 28 to participate in a hearing whether to extend the stay order. The bench issued show cause notices to the authorities to explain why a decision was taken to transfer Karki. Creating a new post officer on special duty, the government had transferred Karki to the NPC.

The government had suspended him for three months on the charge of suppressing the April movement and following the completion of the three month-long suspension, the government had decided to transfer him to the NPC. However, he had challenged the government’s decision.

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