Thursday, October 19, 2006

Aryal Stresses for Change in Justice System
Convener of the Interim Constitution Drafting Committee Laxman Aryal said on Wednesday that the nation needs to review its justice system to adopt more democratic ways by putting aside existing 'anomalous' legal procedures.

"It's time to review the existing system and adopt new and democratic ways so that both the parties can agree on a verdict," Aryal said inaugurating a Mediation Centre Nepal (MCN) desk established in the Legal Department of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC).

Aryal, who is also the president of the MCN, said mediation is the most democratic system that makes both the parties feel triumphant and help develop harmonious environment in the society through restoration of relations.

Chief Executive Officer of the KMC, Dinesh Thapaliya, said the legal department of KMC receives around 700 cases every year. He said KMC is planning to extend mediation centers to some ward offices in the near future if MCN supports for mediators' training.

Chief of the Legal Department of KMC, Basanta Acharya, thanked mediation centre and its experts for helping KMC in its endeavour to provide prompt and quality service to the people. "Local bodies should practice mediation process instead of decision process because it is very much effective."

KMC is the first local body where MCN has opened its branch within the office premises. Out of five cases sent to the MCN from the KMC earlier, three were settled. "Since people are reluctant to go to the MCN, the desk has been established on the premises of KMC," he said.Acharya expressed the hope that 40 per cent of the cases would be settled through mediation. The desk will be open on Sundays and Wednesdays and it will hear two to four cases every day.

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