Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Military court orders various sentences

The General Military Court constituted under the Chairmanship of Major General Yadav Bahadur Rayamajhi in order to probe the incident that took place at the Durbarmarg Police Station on August 29, 2006 has awarded various levels of sentence to four army officers and one sergeant among others found guilty in the incident.
The Military Court has sentenced Captain Robin Bikram Rana to one year in prison along with a court martial and also rendering him unfit for civil service in the future while sergeant Resham Shrestha has been sentenced to 45 days of military custody and a halt in his promotion for a year.Likewise, the Court has punished Lieutenant Colonel Rajendra Jung Khatri with a three-year suspension in his promotion, a five-year suspension in the promotion of Major Anil Khadka and one year ban in the promotion of Second Lieutenant Sabin Raj Dura, according to the Nepal Army, Directorate of Public Relations.
Similarly, the Court has also sentenced Lance Corporals Purna Bahadur Karki, Lok Bahadur Rana, Nanda Bahadur Lamichanne, Nanda Bahadur Thapamagar and soldiers Bharat Bahadur Shrestha, Man Bahadur Simkhada, Bhoj Raj Timsena, Chet Prasad Timsena, Dipendra Mishra, Ramesh Chaudhary, Bijaya Tamang and others to 45 days of custody.

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