Thursday, October 26, 2006

National Lawyers Guild Convention convened

The National Annual Convention of National Lawyers Guild, USA convened in Austin, Texas, dated Oct 18- 22. Advocate Dinesh Tripathi of the Supreme Court of Nepal spoke as an international Guest in the Convention. He stated that human rights and democracy are universally accepted values, not just the prerogative of the rich, industrialized world. The era of cultural relativism has passed.

"Every member of the human family has equal rights and freedom, irrespective of national identify, race, color or geographical boundary. For that reason, the struggle for human rights and democracy must be intensified at the international level. The struggle for human dignity, freedom and democracy should not be confined within national boundaries. Strong solidarity must be built among all the human rights and democratic groups around the world. The forces of militarization, concentration of economic power in the hands of a few countries, and a growing inequality among nations at the global level present the biggest threats to the democratic aspirations of people around the world. The universal protection of human rights and the rule of law can be the only basis for lasting peace in the world. Lawyers all over the world have to work for the expansion of democratic ideals, human rights and rule of law." he said
International guest from Japan, UK, Canada, Belgium, Venezuela were also invited in the convention. National Lawyers guild is the umbrella organization of US lawyers, Law academics

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