Thursday, October 26, 2006

CJ condemns idea of fresh appointment of judges

Chief Justice Dilip Kumar Paudel on wednesday strongly criticised the idea of fresh appointment of judges saying such a demand is ill- intentioned and inspired by the self-centred motive of certain people.

Paudel also claimed that fresh appointment of judges would be an attack on the independence of the judiciary and ultimately it would affect the democratic system negatively.

“If there is no independence of judiciary, there will be no democracy,” said Paudel.

The Chief Justice was speaking to journalists at Tirbhuvan International Airport while returning from Philippines, after completing a four-day-long conference on International Forum on Liberty and Prosperity The Chief Justices conference had discussed controlling corruption, strengthening of rule of law and ways of providing timely justice.

Asked about his role during the direct rule of King Gyanendra Paudel wanted his critics to show any kind of mistake he committed at any time.“This is not good to scandalise the whole institution citing minor issues,” Paudel said. He also asked all to stop activities that scandalise the judiciary.

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