Sunday, May 13, 2007

Bill to clip King's authority to confer awards
A bill clipping the King's authority of conferring awards, honours and decorations has been registered at the parliament.
As per the bill, a separate committee headed by the Prime Minister will be formed to confer awards, honours and decorations from now onwards. The committee will include Home Minister, Defense Minister, Information and Communication Minister, Education and Sports Minister, chief secretary and one nominee by the PM from among distinguished personalities.
The bill has also introduced new honours, awards and decorations abolishing the past ones.
In the category of honours, the bill has introduced Nepal Ratna, Rastra Gaurav, Rastra Deep, and Jana Sewa Shree.
The bill introduces decorations such as Rastra Yashobardhak, Nepal Sewa Pravin, Samaj Sewa Ratna, Param Paurakh Bhaskar, Ati Paurakh Bhaskar, Maha Paurakh Bhaskar, Nepal Pratap Subhushan, Nepal Pratap Abhushan and Nepal Pratap Bhushan.
While the Param Paurakh Bhaskar, Ati Paurakh Bhaskar and Maha Paurakh Bhaskar decorations will be conferred to Nepali Army soldiers who display outstanding valour, the Nepal Pratap Subhushan, Nepal Pratap Abhushan and Nepal Pratap Bhushan will be conferred to gallant members of police force.
Likewise, the bill introduces awards such as Lok Shree Padak, Rastra Sewa Padak, Satkarya Padak, Samaj Sewa Padak, Sagarmatha Padak, Sukirti Padak, Birta Padak, Shaurya Padak, Prakritik Prakop Piditoddar Padak, Bikas Ratna Padak, Shanti Padak and Bigyan Pravin Padak.

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