Thursday, May 31, 2007

Court sets Jwala man free

The Special Court freed Chattan Singh, alias Bishow Nath Pundit, one of the 56 Jwala Singh men accused of attacking a police station in Saptari and looting arms and ammunition from the police in Pathargada.The Kathmandu District Government Attorney Office (KDGAO) had yesterday filed a state offence case against Nagendra Paswan, alias Jwala Singh, and 56 of his men including Chattan.A three-member bench of judges Bhoopdhoj Adhikary, Komal Nath Sharma and Cholendra SJB Rana did not set a bail amount while freeing Chattan.According to the charge sheet, the group overpowered security officials and looted two rifles,300 magazines and some Chinese pistols from the police station.The prosecutors demanded maximum sentence for the defendants as per section 3 (2) of the State Offence Act 2046.Jwala Singh, Kailash Miya, Ram Babu Yadav, Bablu Miya, Mohammad Jiyhul, Siya Ram Ram, Shyam Yadav, Ram Brichhya Mehta, Yadav Gohit and Lala Miya were the prime accused in the state offence case.

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