Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Law Day : CJ stresses fair justice

Chief Justice Dileep Kumar Poudel has said all should make contributions from their own places for the stability based on law and justice by embracing the fact that sustainable development and peace would be established only through justice. In a message, delivered on the occasion of Law Day 2064 BS, Chief Justice Poudel has expressed gratitude for supports received by Judiciary in delivering justice in fair, economic and easy manner even at the time of difficulties in the country. Stating that our judiciary had been discharging responsibilities of providing justice based on free judiciary, rule of law, fundamental rights, civil liberty and value and norms of democratic system with top priorities, Chief Justice Poudel has said the judiciary has felt that the responsibilities have further deepened. In the message, Chief Justice Poudel has extended best wishes to users of courts, judges, lawyers, employees working in the field of justice and all Nepali people.

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