Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Military court punishes officers over tender bid
Nepali Army (NA) has punished some of its officers and other personnel for their involvement in irregularities in ration tender.
The military court under the Military Act-2063, punished the then chiefs of the Bhairavidal battalion in Rukum district, Bhawanibux battalion in Dailekh and Shreedal Company in Tehrathum district, among other NA personnel, for their involvement in irregularities during tender bids for the supply of ration to NA barracks.
The tender was conducted some six months ago.
A press statement, issued by the NA Directorate of Public Relations, said the commanders of Bhairavidal and Bhawanibux battalions will be relieved of their responsibilities, and they will also be deprived of promotion for the next two years.
Likewise, around a dozen NA personnel including majors, captains, lieutenants and other personnel have been punished in connection with the scandal.
Local suppliers had accused NA officials of preventing them from applying for the tender.
The NA had formed a probe commission headed by Colonel Shekhar Singh Basnet, director of food and transportation at the NA, to find out the truth behind the public complaints.
In the past, the district administration office of Jumla had requested the Home Ministry to initiate action against NA officials for conducting "artificial competition" in the district regarding ration tender.
In some districts, NA officials had threatened to kill suppliers and their representatives if they failed to withdraw from the bidding, according to "victimized" suppliers.

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