Sunday, June 10, 2007

CJ complains civil society of being prejudiced
The Chief Justice Dilip Poudel has complained that the civil society was acting in a prejudiced manner when it came to judiciary.
Talking to reporters after returning home from Malaysia, he complained that even though corruption and irregularities existed in all organs of society, the judiciary was being targeted in a prejudiced and biased manner. He rued that media, too, treated judiciary unfairly in this regard.
When asked about the recent CD episode – when media conducted a sting operation to expose cases of corruption in judicial administration -, CJ Poudel replied that a committee was looking into it.
"There is a three-member committee, which is probing the issue. I cannot comment on that when the committee is doing its job," Poudel said.
Poudel returned on Saturday from Malaysia where he attended the Asia Pacific conference on judicial reform.

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