Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Govt preparing second amendment of constitution
With the objective of correcting the constitutional provision regarding the date of Constituent Assembly elections, the government is preparing to introduce second amendment of the interim constitution.
The constitution promulgated on January 15 has a provision, which states that the government will hold the CA by mid- June. Unless this clause is amended within mid-June, the country will face constitutional crisis.
The Article 33 (a) of the interim constitution states that the government will "focus all its attention to conduct a free and impartial election for the members of the Constituent Assembly within Jestha 2064 (by June, 2007)."
At the meeting of State Affairs Committee of the legislative parliament, on Tuesday, the members and the Home Minister discussed the issue of second amendment.
In fact, the parties had already prepared a draft for second amendment stating that the CA elections will be held on June 20. But after Election Commission's statement regarding its inability to hold the polls by that time, this draft had to be further refined.

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