Monday, June 04, 2007

Court staff demand judicial allowance
Employees of the country's judiciary have demanded that they be given "judicial" allowance amounting to 50 per cent of their salary and a timely increments in salary.
The first-ever national conference of court employees, which concluded on Saturday, passed the demands.
Binod Adhikari, newly elected president of Nepal Judiciary Employees Concern Committee (NJECC), a forum of court staff, said the conference has demanded that the Supreme Court make public its stand on the recent country report of Transparency International on corruption in the Nepali judiciary. The report alleged that Nepali judiciary is one of the most "corruption-inflicted" institutions.
The conference also demanded that the proposed new Civil Service Act be enacted as early as possible.
The conference elected a 39-member central committee headed by Adhikari while Ishwor Acharya and Nagendra Kumar Kalakheti have been elected as senior vice president and general secretary, respectively.

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