Friday, December 21, 2007

JC mulls over tenure of ad hoc judges

The Judicial Council dwelled on whether or not to extend the tenure of three ad hoc judges of the Supreme Court — Pawan Kumar Ojha, Rajendra Prasad Koirala and Tahir Ali Ansari.A member of the council, who attended the meeting, told this daily that they have been considering whether ad hoc judges are needed at all. “Some of the members do not want to extend the ad hoc judges’ tenure but it is still a matter under discussion,” the member added. According to him, the council will take a decision by Sunday or Monday.Chairman of the council Chief Justice Kedar Prasad Giri, Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Narendra Bik-ram Nembang, seniormost SC justice Min Bahadur Rayamajhi and council members Bashudev Dhungana and Motikaji Sthapit attended the meeting.“We are also discussing on whether there is a need of parliamentary hearing on appointment and extension of the term of ad hoc judges,” the member added.Some of the council members are reportedly against extending the tenure of Ojha as he had supported the royal takeover of February 1, 2005. King Gyanendra had awarded him with the Attorney General’s post during the royal regime and he was later promoted as ad hoc judge of the Supreme Court.

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