Thursday, December 13, 2007

NBA veep’s call to end impunity

Nepal Bar Association central vice-chairman Hari Prasad Uprety warned Nepal was facing an absence of rule of law, saying that if the political uncertainty lingered any longer the country would disintegrate.Speaking to journalists here, Uprety said the inertia of the seven politicalparties has plunged the country intoa whirlpool.“Impunity prevails. Unless the constituent assembly polls are held at the earliest, there is every danger of the country breaking up,” he said.Pointing out that the resignation of Madhesi MPs was a sign of fragmentation, he said, “The root cause of problems is that all power and privilege are vested in the seven parties. This state of affairs must end and an elected government should be ushered in by holding the constituent assembly polls.”Uprety said it was the government’s duty to identify the factors forand against the secessionist struggle going on Tarai.Stating that the present government was not a government of the people, Uprety said, “Reactionary and secessionist forces may gain ground in this situation.”He said that Maoists were complicating the situation and trying to grabpower by exploiting the regional, cultural and caste sentiments of marginalised people in Tarai.He added that it was impractical to press for a republic before holding the constituent assembly polls.

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