Saturday, December 08, 2007

Judiciary restructuring panel gets SC go-ahead

The Supreme Court has approved of a committee formed six months ago to study and recommend the structure, hierarchy and jurisdiction of the judiciary in a federal setup.The committee was formed under Justice Anup Raj Sharma in April this year citing the changed context and the provisions of the Interim Constitution, which state that the country is going for a federal setup.The High-level Direction Committee headed by Chief Justice Kedar Prasad Giri endorsed the committee yesterday.“The High-level Direction Committee has approved of the committee so that it now can start its job,” SC’s assistant spokesperson Hemanta Rawal said.Justice Kalyan Shrestha, attorney-general Yagya Murti Banjade, judge Keshari Raj Pundit, Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs secretary Dr Kul Ratna Bhurtel and SC registrar Dr Ram Krishna Timalsena, Dean at the Faculty of Law at the Tribhuvan University Kanak Bikram Thapa, assistant professor Purna Man Shakya, president of the Nepal Bar Association Bishwo Kanta Mainali and others are the members.

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