Wednesday, December 12, 2007

New security plan at SC from mid-Jan
A high-level security committee headed by Justice Min Bahadur Rayamajhi has decided to enforce a new security plan at the Supreme Court premises from January 15.
The plan aims at beefing up security measures to check the uncontrolled entry of what court
officials call "crowds", according to Hemanta Rawal, co-spokesperson of the Supreme Court.
The Supreme Court was forced to come up with the security plan as insecurity increased for judges and lawyers in recent days, especially on account of crowds gathered together by parties to litigation.
"Only the people concerned will be allowed to enter the Supreme Court premises and court
chambers beginning January 15. We are arranging separate entry passes for lawyers, government pleaders, court clients and journalists," Rawal said.
The committee held its meeting at the Supreme Court on Tuesday. High-ranking police officials were also invited to the meeting to seek their input.
The three-member committee formed recently has Justices Anup Raj Sharma and Khil Raj Regmi as the other two members.

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