Saturday, September 09, 2006

Compensation to tortured maid
Siddartha Rana, wife of army colonel, has admitted of torturing her domestic help and also agreed to provide compensation to the victim.

Resident of Khumaltar-15, Siddartha agreed to provide Rs. 200,000 to 12-year-old Laxmi Pun (Chameli). She, however, claimed that another army personnel working in her house had tortured Chameli.

Lalitpur Women Police Cell and Satdobato Ward Police Office had rescued the girl on September 4 on the basis of case filed by Child Workers in Concerned Center (CWIN), which had received an appeal from local people of Khumaltar to rescue the girl.

"The tremendous pressure from the people made it possible to provide Laxmi with compensation," said Pradeep Dangol, representative of Children-Women in Social Service and Human Rights (CWISH), one of five organizations that pushed for rescue and compensation.

In a written agreement, reached in the presence of Lalitpur District Police, representative from Magar Society, Legal Aid and Consultancy Center, Peace Society, CWISH, and CWIN, Rana committed that she would provide half of the money on October 9 and remaining amount on November 9. The girl is now staying at CWIN's hostel.

The amount will be deposited in the bank in Laxmi's account in the presence of her guardian and school principal where she will be admitted.

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