Monday, September 11, 2006

Rayamajhi Commission questions erstwhile Defence Secy

The High-level Investigation Commission headed by former Supreme Court justice Krishna Jung Rayamajhi Monday questioned Defence Secretary of the erstwhile royal government, Bishnu Dutta Uprety.

Speaking to the commission today, Uprety pledged his innocence claiming that he had played "no role in the suppression of the April movements."

In a brief talk with media persons today, Uprety also said that he had no authority to counsel the king and mobilise troops during the erstwhile government.

The commission, formed to recommend necessary punishment to the perpetrators of heavy-handed suppression the pro-democracy movements had summoned Defence Secretary to question him regarding the Army mobilisation during the April Pro-Democracy Movements.
The Rayamajhi commission will also summon 9 other security officials of the Nepal Army and Armed Police later today.

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