Friday, September 29, 2006

House does away with gender bias in SC

The spouses of female judges of the Supreme Court can now go with their wives when they go abroad on official duty and enjoy government allowances and facilities during such visits.

The provision for the same has been incorporated in the amended bill on SC Justice Salary and Perks and Allowances Act 1969, passed by the House of Representatives on thrusday .

Earlier, only male judges could take their wives on official visits outside the country with the government ensuring allowances and facilities for the spouses. With today’s amendment, spouses of women holding the posts of the Attorney General, General Secretary and Secretary of the Parliament Secretariat will also enjoy similar allowances and facilities.

Similarly, the amendment of the Appellate and District Court Judges Salary, Perks and Facilities Act 1991 was also passed by the HoR today. The amended provision in the Act allows male judges to take paternity leave to take care of their newborn children and wives.

The provisions have been introduced to end gender discrimination and are part of Gender Equality Bill 2063 that the HoR passed .

The House also passed Notary Public Bill 2063 and Competition Promotion and Market Protection Bill 2063, Nepal Rastra Bank (first amendment) Bill 2063 and Goods Transportation Bill 2063. The Notary Public Act authorises lawyers and government notary to certify and translate the public documents.
Minister for Physical Planning and Works Gopal Man Shrestha tabled Drinking Water Management Board Bill 2063 and Drinking Water Price Determination Commission Formation Bill 2063; Minister for Women, Children and Social Welfare Urmila Aryal tabled the Senior Citizen Bill 2063; Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health and Population Amik Sherchan tabled a proposal demanding discussion on Health Service Bill 2063. The House approved Sherchan’s proposal.

Home Minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula tabled a proposal demanding clause-wise discussion on the Citizenship Bill 2063 and Minister for Education and Sports Dr Mangal Siddhi Manandhar tabled a proposal seeking discussion on Acts related to Education and Sports Amendment Bill. Finance Minister Dr Ram Sharan Mahat proposed a Bill on the Nepal Rastra Bank (first amendment) Bill 2063.

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