Monday, September 18, 2006

SAC drops provision for CIAA probe into army corruption
Parliamentary State Affairs Committee (SAC) has aborted the idea of allowing the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority to investigate corruption in the army .

SAC members, in an informal meeting on sunday rather have agreed to go for provisions of a mechanism for probing, and a special court for trying the corruption cases in the army.

SAC is currently holding a series of informal meetings with officials from the Ministry of Defence and army officers for clause-wise discussion on the bill meant to amend and integrat army related Acts. Once the bill is passed, the cases related to rape, murder, theft and torture, in which Nepali Army soldiers are involved, would go to the civil court.

Though a few lawmakers were for revising the tenure of senior army officers and introducing a fixed term of the officers, SAC is yet to decide on that, because Nepali Army representatives, Major General Amar Panta and Brigadier General BA Kumar Sharma, have come up with a new proposal.

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