Monday, September 25, 2006

Rayamajhi panel will send questionnaire to king

The High-Level Investigation Commission headed by former Supreme Court Justice Krishna Jung Rayamajhi has informally reached a concensus to question King Gyanendra in writing to record his statement about the role of the erstwhile government led by him during his direct rule.

“We have agreed to send a questionnaire to the King,” a panel member Ram Prasad Shrestha told . “We can compromise about the process, but not on our plan to record his (the King’s) statement,” he added. The panel had three alternatives to send a team to the royal palace, to call him in the commission and to send a questionnaire to record his statement but chose the third option. According to him, they will send the questionnaire immediately after Dashain.

Stating that the King is still the head of the state, the panel will not invite him in the commission, the procedure that had been adopted for interrogating members of the royal cabinet and the chiefs of army and police.

The panel members have reached a consensus that after recording the King’s statement, the panel will submit its report to the government before Tihar.The Commission had interrogated the King’s principal secretary Pashupati Bhakta Maharjan almost a month ago hinting that the commission will record the King’s statement but the royal palace is yet to respond to the panel. “Neither the royal palace has objected to our idea nor proposed ways to record the King’s statement,” Shrestha added.

The commission is doing homework to submit the report before Tihar as it will interrogate some officials who had allegedly suppressed people during the Jana Andolan II in a few districts within some days.

Panel Member Ram Prasad Shrestha had last week visited Palpa, Kapilvastu and Argakhanchi districts to find out about the alleged supression in those places, while Chairman Rayamajhi had investigated the incidents in Lamjung, Dolakha and Dhading. Panel member Ram Kumar Shrestha visited Doti, Dadeldhura, Dailekh and Surkhet and member Harihar Birahi investigated the incidents in Uadyapur and Ilam. “We have gathered some information that the authorities had suppressed people during that time and we will interrogate them soon,” Shrestha added.

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