Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Clarify government’s stance on King’s message: Sharma
With the democracy day message of King Gyanendra drawing criticism from all fronts, Justice of the Supreme Court Anup Raj Sharma has suggested the Prime Minister to clarify the government’s involvement in the message.

During his meeting with Justice Sharma on Tuesday, Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala said that he did not have any information about the King’s message and added that he was surprised to hear about the King’s message in which he defended his February 1 takeover of 2005, reports the Kantipur daily.

Stating that the King’s message is illegal, Justice Sharma suggested to the Prime Minister to clarify government’s involvement in the message to the public.

Sharma further said that as the Prime Minister is working as the head of the state and there is no role of King in the constitution, the King should not give such message without approval of the cabinet.

According to the daily, a source quoted Sharma as saying that the government should inform people after interrogating the King in which capacity he has issued the message.

The duo discussed the King’s message, the Terai unrest and amendment in the interim constitution.

Prime Minister Koirala also held discussion with Indian Ambassador to Nepal Shiva Shankar Mukharjee and Chief of Army Staff Rookmangad Katawal as well.

However Justice Sharma said that he had visited Koirla’s residence to express condolence to the Congress leader Nona Koirala.

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