Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Kamal Thapa appears before the CIAA
The Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) interrogated then home minister Kamal Thapa during the royal regime Wednesday over his alleged role in suppressing the Jana Andolan II in April. He is the first to be interrogated by the CIAA on charges of abuse of authority in attempting to suppress the Jana Andolan II.

Thapa arrived CIAA to file his statement at around 12 noon. He was interrogated for more than two hours. The CIAA is expected to grill Thapa more in the coming days.
The CIAA plans to complete the interrogation of four ministers of the royal cabinet, whom have already been handed letters by it, within a week. The High Level Probe Commission led by Krishna Jung Rayamajhi had recommended actions against king and his cabinet members for their involvement in abuse of national treasury and authority. In the first phase, the CIAA summoned four members of the royal cabinet, Kamal Thapa, Dan Bahadur Shahi, Tanka Dhakal and Shrish SJB Rana. The CIAA had asked the four persons to appear for recording statement within seven days.

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