Saturday, February 10, 2007

Now CIAA to implement Raymajhi Commission report

The government on Friday decided to hand over the responsibility for implementing the Raymajhi Commission's report to the Commission for Investigation of the Abuse of Authority (CIAA).

A High-Level Probe Commission headed by former Supreme Court Justice Krishna Jung Raymajhi was formed after the reinstatement of democracy to investigate the atrocities committed during the pro-democracy movement.

The commission had recommended the government take action against over 200 individuals including King Gyanendra who the commission found guilty of suppressing the April uprising last year.

Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Narendra Bikram Nembang informed that the CIAA now would begin the required process.

While stating that the committee formed to do the homework on implementing the report had submitted a proposal to the Council of Ministers yesterday to let the CIAA take action against the guilty, Minister Nembang said that those ministers who held major portfolios during the king's direct rule are on the priority list.

Minister Nembang said, "The CIAA will soon take action the ministers of the former royal government and other politically-appointed persons."

Minister Nembang added that if required, the CIAA could undertake further investigations.

However, the committee has not recommended action against the security personnel found guilty by the Raymajhi report.

Minister Nembang said action will be taken against guilty security personnel in the second phase.

The meeting of the Council of Ministers held yesterday has also handed over the responsibility of carrying out the required homework for the amendment of the Interim Constitution.

Nembang informed that the amendment process would be undertaken keeping in mind the demands of the Madhesis and other groups.

"Many issues that need to be addressed by the constitution have come to light at present. Even in Madhesh there were agitations which led the PM to address the nation. Therefore, we need to consult people from different quarters including the PM and speaker,” he said, adding, "After this, we will reach a decision as to which clauses in the Interim Constitution need to be amended or added... Accordingly, tasks will be carried out to make the required changes."

He further said that the amendment process would only begin once the Council of Ministers gives its written decisions and directives.

Meanwhile, government spokesperson and State Minister for Information Dilendra Prasad Badu said that the CIAA will also deal with those found guilty by the Raymajhi Commission of misusing government funds. Minister Badu said that the committee has been directed to begin homework regarding the others (except those who were found guilty of misusing government funds) and submit a final report to this end to the Council of Ministers at the earliest.

Speaking at a press conference today, Minister Badu said that the report will soon be made public after the committee submits its final recommendations.

Action against five -of the Raymajhi Commission recommended report– will be taken by the CIAA and action against the remaining individuals will be taken after formulating new suitable laws.

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