Wednesday, February 28, 2007

SAC agrees to finalise election related bills soon
The parliamentary State Affairs Committee has decided to pass all the necessary bills related to the elections of the constituent assembly immediately for the preparation of the CA polls.
In the first meeting of the committee, SAC decided to start clause-wise discussions on the Election Commission Bill from Friday.
Some lawmakers also said that eight party leadership was not serious on the constituent assembly.
Citing remarks of Ian Martin, the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General to assist in Nepal ’s peace process, that the election scheduled for June may not be held, lawmakers said, "A political consensus is yet to be reached and the parties are unable to have a single voice on the polls."
Speaking at the meeting, CPN-UML lawmaker Parshu Ram Meghi Gurung said that the committee needed intensive homework to correct some serious flaws of the Bill. He also suggested the committee to hold discussions with the EC officials and ministries concerned before giving it final shape.
Similarly, Purna Bahadur Khadka of Nepali Congress Democratic suggested that in view of time constraints, the Committee give the Bill top priority in order to carry out necessary preparations for holding the CA polls on time.
Altogether 73 proposals have been registered for amending the bill.

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