Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Draft bill to amend interim constitution finalised

The Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs finalised the draft of the bill to amend the interim constitution as per the agreement between ruling seven party alliance and Maoists and Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala’s address to the nation.

Newspaper reports quoted a highly placed source at the Ministry as saying that the ministry has prepared the draft and sent it to the Prime Minister’s Office and Cabinet for approval to table it in the legislative parliament.

“We have prepared the draft adopting the federal system of governance, reviewing the election constituencies as per the sprit of the address of the PM to the nation,” the source added.

The draft would be tabled at the legislative parliament within a week.

Attorney General Yagya Murti Banjade and Secretary at the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Dr. Kul Ratna Bhurtel held discussion to finalise the draft on Monday.

According to sources, Article 134 and 154 of the interim constitution will be amended to incorporate the Prime Minister’s address to the nation and demands raised by Madhesi people.

During his address to the nation, Prime Minister Koirala said that they have agreed to go for the federal structure of the state and electoral constituencies in the Terai region and seats for proportional representation would be increased according to the percentage of the population growth.

According to percentage of population growth, it is expected that around 20 constituencies would be added in Terai region while four in the hill regions. Around 20 seats would also be increased for proportional representation.

29 people died and many more were injured in violent Terai protests demanding amendment in the interim constitution with federal structure of the state and increase in constituencies as per the growth in population.

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