Saturday, August 11, 2007

Court summons workers in APCA case
Patan Appellate Court has summoned Maoist-affiliated workers' who have announced they will again disrupt distribution of The Himalayan Times (THT) and the Annapurna Post (AP) dailies from Sunday.
A single bench of Justice Buddhi Prasad Regmi yesterday summoned the defendants to appear in court Monday to discuss a stay order petition not to disrupt distribution of the dailies.
The petition was filed by CU Anand, chief operative officer of Asia Pacific Communication Associates (APCA) Nepal. The court has summoned All Nepal Communication and Printing Publication Workers' Association, Anamnagar, its chairman Arjun Prasad Gautam, and its chairman at Sainbu, Lalitpur Khuchindra Thapa.
The bench also ordered them to submit written affidavits justifying their threat to kill those who distribute the dailies and their announcement to disrupt distribution.
APCA COO Anand sought the stay order against the defendants as their activities violated rights guaranteed under Clause 6(6) and 9 of the Citizens Rights Act 2012 BS.

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