Friday, August 03, 2007

Govt publicizes Rayamajhi report
The government on Friday tabled the Rayamajhi Commission report in parliament.
Home Minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula on behalf of the government tabled the report and made it public.
The report is available for the public at the library of the Parliamentary Secretariat, said Speaker Nembang.
Earlier, Speaker Subash Nembang had directed the government to table and publicizes the report at the earliest.
Despite criticism and demands from several quarters, the government had delayed in making the report public.
A meeting of the Council of Ministers held at the Prime Minister’s Office in Singha Durban on Wednesday had taken a decision to table the report in parliament today.
The 1184-page report has recommended action against over 200 people.
Details of the action taken against some of the guilty have also been tabled in parliament today.
The report, however, does not clearly recommend any action against the king.
The commission though had summoned the king to record his statement, the king had snubbed the call.
Out of 297 persons quizzed by the commission, 96 have been given clean chits.
The commission has recommended action against 34 members of the royal cabinet, five zonal administrators and 13 zonal administrators by formulating necessary laws.
The commission has recommended action against former ministers Kamal Thapa, Shrish Sumsher Rana and Tanka Dhakal on corruption and rights abuse charges. Some of the king-led ministers were charged of human rights violations, some on corruption cases and some on both accounts.
Thapa, Rana and Dhakal have been found to have doled out state coffers in millions of rupees to suppress the Jana Andolan II.
The commission has also recommend actions against Nepal Army personnel except the then Chief of Army Staff as per the provision of Army Act, 2016. However, it has asked the government to formulate necessary laws to take action against former army Chief Pyar Jung Thapa.
The commission also has recommended action against Nepal Army Generals Kul Bahadur Khadka, Kiran Shumshre Rana and Dipak Bikram Rana.
Similarly, the commission has also recommended actions against 22 civil servants and 25 army personnel.
It has also recommended action against the then chairman of dissolved Raj Parishad, Parashu Narayan Chaudhary and its members Bharat Keshari Singh and late Sachchit Shumshr Rana. Action has been recommended against the then election commissioner Keshav Raj Rajbhandari.
It has also recommend actions against 70 Nepal Police personnel and 20 Armed Police Force personnel.
The commission suggested that 14 personnel of the Nepal Police and seven of the APF be prosecuted on attempted murder charges.
The commission has recommended departmental action against incumbent Chief of Army Staff Rookmangud Katawal, Chief of Armed Police Force Basudev Oli and former chief of National Investigation Department, Devi Ram Sharma.
Shortly after the commission submitted its report to the government last year, the government had formed a committee headed by the then deputy prime minister KP Sharma Oli to study the report before recommending action against the guilty.
The Rayamajhi Commission -- formed under the chairmanship of former Supreme Court Justice Krishna Jung Rayamajhi to probe into the atrocities committed by the erstwhile royal regime during the April uprising last year – had submitted its report to the government on November 20 last year.
The government had formed the high level commission on May 5 last year.

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