Monday, August 27, 2007

Royalist ministers, officials move SC against poll-ban rule
The ministers and administrators of the erstwhile King-led government have registered a case at the Supreme Court (SC) demanding the scrapping of the provision of the Constituent Assembly Member Election Act-2007 that bars them from contesting the November 22 CA elections.
The Act bars those appointed to key administrative positions by the king during his direct rule and those found guilty of suppressing the April Movement by the Rayamajhi Commission from contesting the CA elections.
In the case filed at the SC, former ministers, administrators and political appointees who served during the royal government have claimed that Clause 19 (G) of the Act was against the Interim Constitution-2007.
Ex-royal ministers Kamal Thapa, Tanka Dhakal, Durga Shrestha, Roshan Karki, Bbuwan Pathak, Durga Shrestha, and former regional administrator Ganesh Sherchan are among the former royal officials who have filed the case demanding the Apex Court declares the Clause 19 (G) of the polls Act null and void and allows them to participate in the election process and the CA election in November.
Speakers of the Interim Legislature-Parliament Subash Nemwang and the Election Commission have been made defendants in the case.

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